Saturday, August 25, 2007

Johannes 4.5-42

This is a new recording, presenting the Bible story of "The Woman at the Well".

You'll hear a few verses from the Vulgate and then a few pairs of clarifying questions and answers (all in Latin). Then more verses, and so on.

To use this, I suggest you listen carefully to the verses and then answer each Latin question. When the recording is completed, turn off the audio and retell the entire story (as much as you're able) in Latin. Your goal is not to memorize the story verbatim (although that would be okay!). Just organize the events in your mind, in Latin, and populate it with as many details as you can.


Grab the mp3.

You can see the full transcript here.

Other audio formats are available at the the archive.


Father Hollywood said...

I just discovered your blog (it was mentioned on an e-mail list for users of Hans Oerberg's "Lingua Latina"). I've been listening to your recordings, and they are really great! Please keep up the good work.

Gratias ago tibi, et Pax Christi!

Scottus Barbarus said...

Father Hollywood,


I'm just getting started, but I hope others will also find this of some value. At the very least, I'm making these recordings for my own study, so I might as well share them.

You have the distinction of being the first person ever to make a comment on this blog! :)