Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gregorian Chant Practice, Intervals of a Second

This is something different, for those interested in learning Gregorian Chant (or, really, learning solfege). These are exercises taken from Dom Gregory Sunol's "Text Book of Gregorian Chant According to the Solesmes Method", lesson IV (intervals of a second).

I state a sequence of notes for you to sing (e.g., "do re do re do"), there is a short pause for you to vocalize your answer, and then you hear the correct notes.

Grab the mp3.

Alternative formats are available at the archive.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scotus,

Thanks for taking your time to do this. However, I am a bit confused as I do not seem to be able to follow you. You start out the exersice for Lesson IV by saying: SO-LA-SO-LA-SI. What I am seeing on that first row is DO-RE-DO-RE-DO - or is there anything I've missed? (just to be sure - the exercise starts on p. 7 in the book).

Kind regards,