Thursday, January 8, 2009

Practical Guide to Latin Language, 1-3

I've recorded the first three conversations from Massoch's "Practical Guide to the Latin Language" (available from Google Books here).

The audio is here.


Greg said...

I've just come across your blog now. Don't give up! I'm a keen amateur Latin enthusiast, I've started and restarted a dozen times! This approach might prove more fruitful than past endeavours.

Hilde said...

I love this method keepnitnup!

Gregorius Clavus said...
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Gregorius Clavus said...

Hi Scott, just discovered your blog today and have been enjoying it. Thanks for introducing me to the "Practical Guide to the Latin Language." I had never heard of it before. It looks very useful. I am compiling an on-line glossary of conversational latin at
I hope you might find it useful. Best wishes! Brad/ Gregorius Clavus